I found a bug, how do I report it?

We do our best to make sure that the game is as bug free as possible before it reaches public hands but occasionally there are those few bugs that get missed.

If you have found a bug, please report it by either navigating to the help page and tapping "Report an Issue" or by using the Contact Us button found throughout the help system.

If you find a bug and report it, one of our staff will check with our development team to confirm the bug. Once a developer confirms that the bug exists and that it's not a known bug, you will be eligible for up to a 500 coin reward. If you earn a reward, you will be contacted via email.

DISCLAIMER: A coin reward is not guaranteed. We love to reward our users for helping us improve the game but there may be circumstances where you are not eligible for a coin reward. In that case, we are sorry and we reserve the right to deny any reward.

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